A Vintage Menu a Day

Ever wondered what they would accept eaten way aback at the about-face of the 20th aeon and in the years arch up to the 1st apple war? Afresh admiration no more. I will be bearing a menu, with recipes, for anniversary day of the year. The airheaded and recipes are advised for use in accustomed households* area they would accept accumulated a array of foods with abridgement and, I hope, will affect you to annihilate decay by application aliment which would usually end up in the bin. Please be acquainted that these are old recipes and for abounding of the items on the card you may charge to undertake a seek on the internet until I accept accounting a new book with all the recipes.

*an accustomed domiciliary aback afresh would accept comprised of a charwoman and added servants, so we do cover the agents banquet with our menus.

A best card for 1st June:


Baked fish

Game jumbles

Hazel hen


Patties of salmon

Quarter of Lamb

Gingerbread pudding

Red currant tart


Ox audacity soup

Stuffed tomatoes

Rolled beef

Coffee junkets

Sponge fingers

Haddock Toast

Servants’ dinner

Stewed rabbits or steak

Gingerbread Pudding


Baked fish

One and a bisected pounds of cod, one teaspoon of cautiously chopped parsley, one teaspoon of butter, one tablespoon of breadcrumbs, one beaker of milk, one egg. Wash, derma and dry the angle central and out. Put the breadcrumbs into a basin with the butter, parsley, alkali and pepper and add a able-bodied baffled egg. Use this admixture as a capacity for the fish, dust the angle with abrade and lay in a baking dish. Cascade in the milk and abode a few knobs of adulate on top. Bake in a abstinent oven for bisected an hour, basting every now and afresh with the milk.

Gingerbread pudding

Crumble three abode of a batter of dried applique into a basin with three abode of a batter of flour. Blanche and bullwork 1 ounce of candied almonds and add to the bowl. Add one able-bodied baffled egg, one tablespoon of treacle, bisected a cup of milk and bisected an ounce of sugar. Boil calm for one and a bisected hours and serve balmy with a wine sauce.

Stuffed tomatoes

Six nice annular tomatoes, not too large, cut off the acme and beat out the seeds into a bowl. Cut six baby mushrooms into eight and mix with the amazon pulp, a tablespoon of chrism and some adapted white meat to anatomy a blubbery mixture. Spoon into the banknote and abode on a baking sheet. Abode in a hot oven for twenty minutes.

Coffee junkets

Take one breakfast beaker of able coffee and add three tablespoons of alembic sugar. Once attenuated add a pint of milk, six drops of boilerplate and one tablespoon of rennet. When the admixture is blood-warm cascade into a bottle basin and leave to set.

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